Shading equipment


Two in one system is the combination of window-blind and insectsreen. Its main advantage is that both - the blind and the net - are put together in one drum but can be used separately. The net is ended by an ending profile UNI, „the hook profile“, KLICK-KLACK. All these in-blinds installable nets are made of rods with the length of 6 m and they include the arbor, fixed net and ending profile thanks to which the production is easier, less demanding and the waste production is minimal. 

Our Aluminium and PVC systems are also variable like that for our customers it is easy to find products they imagine.
  • 2x45 degree wale, single box type KRN
  • 1x45 degree wale, double box withrevisory clack type KR
  • 1x20 degree wale, double in-built box with extruded or rolled revisory clack type KRH
  • Oval, double in-built box with extruded or rolled revisory clack type KRO
Drums are made from aluminium or steel tinplates in single or double fulfillment. Straps and the guiding rails are designed in different colours based on the book of colours. Depending on our customer´s demand, it is possible to combine our window-blinds systems as the components are compatible and there is the option of chosing a manual or automatic handling.

        KRN TYPE                KR TYPE                   KRH TYPE               KRO TYPE


Colour range: