Shading equipment

Venetian blinds


  • applied and stylish
  • looping control
  • on all sorts of windows
  • single and single-level memory installation
  • roofed fixture and fixation


  • new design
  • classic control small stick and lace
  • conversion classic and complete shading
  • 25 mm rib


  • control: looping
  • ribs - they are in jalousie dense
  • perfory is on side of rib

Cleaning and maintenance
  • frequent dust removing
  • dry cleaning with soft fabrics washing with spirit agents or soft detergents



Bamboo blinds are more and more popular amongst natural minded people, because of their aesthetical look and good shading properties.
Handlers are undercovered in a metal case, what is covered by a wooden case because of aesthetical look. Regarding guiding of blinds we offer three sollutions: metal stick, cord and beaded chain. Automate guiding is possible as well. 

The system is available with 25 mm slats: BAMBUS CLASSIC and EURO 25
Max width: 180 cm
Max height: 300 cm

or with 50 mm slats: BAMBUS CLASSIC 50
Max width: 240 cm
Max height: 300 cm